About us


   With a mission to provide the opportunity and environment for people who wish to learn more about the Korean Language and culture, Korean Language School at Andrew Kim Korean School was established. 

   Focusing on “interculturalism” – the paradigm that emphasizes strong communication and relationships between cultures - we aim to become the place of community-based communication, culture and education.  Our program focuses not only on the Korean language, but also on other facets of Korea – traditional culture, pop culture, Korean history and current issues.

There has been a recent world –wide increase in the interest in K-pop, Korean drama, movies, literature and fashion. We want to offer the educational opportunity for those who wish to approach the Korean culture and language through our program.

  Also, there has been a recent increase in demand for bilingualism. Our philosophy is that the students’ competency in bilingualism is not only increasing the personal skillset of the student, but also allows the student to become the vital component that will build a bridge of respect, appreciation and cooperation between the two cultures – the United States and Korea.

Mariane Choe <Director>

Ph.D., Education: Completed

Theodosia Lee <Culture education coordinator>

M.A., Education

Su Hyun Kim <Teacher education coordinator>

M.A., Education

Jeeyeon Chang <Instructor>

B.A., Information & comunication

Maria Chang <Instructor>

B.A., Business Administration

Mi Jung Kim <Instructor>

M.A., Environmental Education

Stella Kwon <Instructor>

B.A., Business Administration

Jin Hee Lee <Instructor>

M.A., Science Education

Hee Sung Park <Instructor>

B.A., Design