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FALL Semester


Welcome to our classes

Registration for for Fall semester will be 

over on 08-26-2023. 

we will accept beginner 1a students till


We are accepting students for

 2024 spring semester 

Speaking class offered

Beginner class offered


<1A, 1B Prep, 1B>


* You can understand and speak Korean in a limited way.

* You will know the fundamentals of Korean pronunciation and make very simple sentences.


<2A, 2B, 3A, 3B>


* You can understand Korean used in everyday situations by understanding basic Korean structure.

* You can communicate in a range of everyday social contexts.


<4A, 4B, 5A, 5B>


* Students can understand and express Korean culture and social situations.

* You can understand and express Korean culture and social situations in a range of culturally appropriate ways.


<2023-2024 Korean Language School for Adults>

• For: Anyone 19 and Older

• Course Length

   Aug 12–Dec 09 (1st semester 2023),
   Jan 13–May 11 (2nd semester 2024)

• Class Time: Every Saturday  5:00 – 6:30 pm

• Fee : Registration $180 (Per semester)

         Textbook: Text books purchased thru Amazon 

• Registration options

  - online, by mail, by email or in person.

• Contact Information:

  Mariane (, 

  Thomas Park (

• Location: St. Andrew Kim Korean Catholic Church

               (2249 Duluth Hwy Duluth, GA 30097)

 we are conducting classes with Zoom platform  online. 

We are Nationwide!!

Accepting Registration for 2023 Fall Semester  2023-2024 Academic year

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